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We empower you with knowledge about your health and body so you can make well-educated decisions and take control of your life. Every woman is different! We’ll listen to your specific needs and create a one-on-one plan that works for you.

Support. I don’t think empathy is gender-specific. I don’t have to have painful periods to know that you’re in pain and that it’s draining you. I always put myself in my patients’ shoes. My goal, no matter your needs, is to always create a comfortable, supportive environment.

Comfort. I want you to feel comfortable talking about your life, even if we’re discussing situations that you might think of as embarrassing. You need to know that you can’t shock me, and I’ll always treat your concerns with respect. Our appointments begin in my office, not the exam room, while you’re still in your street clothes. I want to make sure you feel heard and that you never feel vulnerable.

Solutions. You live a full life, and I understand that! Our approaches to your care take your real-life situations into account. Surgery is a last resort, and when we do agree to it, I will use the most minimally invasive techniques possible to get you back to your day-to-day life quickly.


Darin Weyhrich, MD
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