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Here’s How You Can Get Through a Summer Pregnancy

Pregnancy is generally a happy time. But, if you’re pregnant in the summer, you may face some extra discomfort, especially if you live in an area that gets very hot.

However, a summer pregnancy doesn’t have to be miserable. In this blog, Darin L. Weyhrich, MD, offers some suggestions about how to keep yourself cool and comfortable.

Staying cool during a summer pregnancy

If it seems like you’re extra hot and sweaty when you’re pregnant in the summer, you’re not imagining it. When you’re pregnant, you have extra blood pumping through your body, which increases the feeling of warmth. Your metabolism is also working overtime, which may make you feel more sweaty.

Furthermore, you have more fluid in your body, and the warm weather can cause your ankles to swell. But, while this list may give you the impression that you have no hope of being comfortable this summer, that’s not true. There are things you can do to stay cool and comfortable. Here are some of them.

Stay hydrated 

Different fluids increase during pregnancy. Because of this, you need to increase the amount of fluids you drink. And while it may be difficult to keep track of exactly how much you’re drinking, a good rule of thumb is to make sure you have a bottle of water with you at all times.

In addition, don’t overlook other potential sources of increasing your fluids. Popsicles can help you cool off and are generally pretty low in calories. If you eat popsicles that have a lot of sugar, use moderation. Natural sources of water include watermelon, peaches, strawberries, celery, and tomatoes.

Invest in a maternity swimsuit

Invest in a maternity swimsuit, so you can spend time in the water to stay cool. Don’t try to squeeze into your regular swimsuit. A maternity suit really is worth it. And if you want to maximize your effort, consider taking a maternity aquatics class at a local indoor pool.

That way, you can get exercise — which is also good for your baby — while also staying cool. And, you can enjoy the feeling of weightlessness and take pressure off of your joints.

Stay close to air conditioning

You don’t have to stay indoors all summer, but your tolerance for being outdoors in the heat may go down as a result of being pregnant. This is normal. If you don’t have indoor air conditioning at home, invest in a small air conditioning unit so you can have one room that’s reliably cool.

Be extra attentive to using sunscreen

You already know that you need sunscreen even when you’re not pregnant. However, your skin is much more sensitive when you are pregnant, which can put you at a greater risk of getting a sunburn. Furthermore, you should take care to avoid getting overheated in the sun. Pregnant women have a higher chance of getting overheated, and doing so can put the health of you and your baby at risk.

Put up your feet

Being active during your pregnancy is a good thing. In fact, Dr. Weyhrich recommends it for most patients and will tell you if you’re an exception. However, you should also take time to put up your feet, especially when your feet and ankles start to swell. Elevating your feet can help take pressure off of them. For extra relief, try putting a cool cloth on your feet as well.

Dr. Weyhrich is always willing to listen to his patients. If you’re experiencing symptoms of pregnancy that are uncomfortable or hard to manage, book an appointment over the phone with the office of Darin L. Weyhrich, MD, today.

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